WOLKENBRUCHS WUNDERLICHE REISE IN DIE ARME EINER SCHICKSE (engl. Wolkenbruch’s wondrous journey into the arms of a shiksa) – by Michael Steiner

Development of a feature film | based on the successful novel by Thomas Meyer – nominated for the Swiss book prize 2012


The young Orthodox Jew, Motti Wolkenbruch, finds himself at a turning point. His beloved mother wants him to get married and presents one marriage candidate after the other. Unfortunately none of the woman pleases him, because they all look just like her. The situation gets even more complicated, when Motti secretly falls in love with the non-Jewish girl Laura, a so-called Shiksa.

Genre Comedy–drama | Comedy Thomas Meyer | Director Michael Steiner | Producers Anita Wasser, Hans Syz, Michael Steiger | Distributor DCM Schweiz, Deutschland


Produktion TV-Film | Dreh: November/Dezember 2017


Zusammen mit Frau und Tochter wird der CEO einer Holding in seiner Villa von einem Geiselnehmer überrascht. Kurze Zeit später stehen Liz Ritschard und Reto Flückiger vor der Tür. Sie ermitteln im Mordfall an einer Wirtschaftsprofessorin und wollen den CEO routinemässig befragen, doch auch die Ermittler geraten in die Fänge des Geiselnehmers. In einer langen und verzweifelten Nacht der Gefangenschaft kommen nicht nur familiäre Geheimnisse ans Licht, sondern es wird auch klar, wer die Professorin umgebracht hat.

Genre TV-Krimi | Drehbuch Jan Cronauer | Regie Andreas Senn | Kamera Philipp Sichler | Produktion Turnus Film AG (Hans Syz und Susann Henggeler) | Koproduktion SRF / ARD / ORF | Cast Stefan Gubser, Delia Mayer, Jean-Pierre Cornu, Fabienne Hadorn, Mišel Matičević, Katharina von Bock, Roland Koch

UN NEMICO CHE TI VUOLE BENE (engl. An enemy that wants the good) by Denis Rabaglia

Development of a feature film


On a rainy night professor Enzo Stefanelli coincidentally rescues the life of a 30 year old Mafioso. In return for this gesture the killer promises him to kill an enemy of the professor.

Against the professor’s will, he sets off in search of a potential enemy in hiw environment, disrupting the previously structured life of the professor.

What if it is true that each of us has an enemy that has to be gotten rid off? After initial skepticism Enzo decides to open up his eyes to his life and the people who surround him…

Will Enzo be able to identify his true enemy?
And how will the killer, who has become Enzo’s only friend, behave?

Genre Comedy | Director Denis Rabaglia | Cast Diego Abatantuono, Antonio Folletto, Sandra Milo, Massimo Ghini, Antonio Catania, Mirko Trovato, Roberto Ciufoli | Screenplay Heidrun Schlef, Denis Rabaglia, Luca de Benedittis, Diego Abatantuono, David Mac Water | Production Turnus Film AG (Michael Steiger) | Co-Production Falkor Production, Viva Productions, Tramp Limited - Italien, RSI | Distributor Filmcoopi - Switzerland, MEDUSA - Italy

DI SCHÖNI FANNY by Sabine Boss

Entwicklung Kinospielfilm | Nach dem gleichnamigen Roman von Pedro Lenz


Drei eigenwillige Künstler aus der Kleinstadt Olten versuchen sich mehr schlecht als recht in ihrem Dasein zu behaupten. Sie nennen sich Künstler, reden ihr Leben schön und suchen vorallem Wertschätzung. DI SCHÖNI FANNY ist eine herzbewegende Geschichte über Freundschaft, Selbstvertrauen und Selbsttäuschung.

Autor Pedro Lenz | Drehbuch Simone Schmid | Regie Sabine Boss | Produktion Turnus Film (Anita Wasser, Michael Steiger) | Verleih TBA | Cast TBA

Gülsha & Noemi by Hansi Voigt


Entwicklung transmediale Doku-Serie

Autor Pedro Lenz | Drehbuch Simone Schmid | Regie Sabine Boss | Produktion Turnus Film (Anita Wasser, Michael Steiger) | Verleih TBA | Cast TBA

DER MANAGER (engl. The manager) by Sabine Boss

Development of a feature film | based on the suicide case of Pierre Wauthier of the Zurich Versicherung

Finance prodigy Lukas (35) moves to Zurich with his family to take up the CFP position of the Walser Group.

Shortly thereafter German Brockmann is appointed as the new chairman. With aggressive expansion strategies he wants to radically restructure the company against the wishes of the Swiss CEO. In Lukas he seeks an ally and pushes him to peak performances.

After the multi-million dollar acquisition of a Japanese consortium Lukas reaches his limits – limits he can’t reveal to anyone. He slips into a spiral of excuses and self-deception, which ultimately leaves him only one last way out of this vicious circle. In his suicide note he is censorious of Brockmann.

The case makes quite a splash in the media. While his wife Anna has to live with the consequences and Brockmann is discharged with a high severance, the executive committee has thanks to the stock market launch made large profits.

Genre Drama | Screenplay Martin Rauhaus | Producers Turnus Film AG (Anita Wasser, Michael Steiger) | Co-Producers AMOUR FOU Luxembourg | Distributor Ascot Elite Film

Screenplay Norbert Maas, Simone Schmid, Sabine Boss

Cast Ulrich Tukur, Stefan Kurt

DIE SCHLANGE (engl. Snake) by Luki Frieden

Development of a feature film

This thriller revolves around father Markus Sutter (42) who buys a harmless snake for his young son and himself. One day the reptile escapes.

He not only loses the animal, this is also the beginning of a disastrous affair with young, mysterious Linn (23), who helps him catch the snake.

Linn skillfully intrudes into the family life and destroys the family idyll with a sophisticated, sinister plan.

Genre Psychological thriller | Screenplay Luki Frieden, Jasmin Hoch | Producers Anita Wasser, Michael Steiger

Cast TBA

JAKOBS ROSS (engl. Jacob’s horse) Direction: TBA

Development of a feature film | based on the novel JAKOBS ROSS by Silvia Tschui

Under degrading conditions Elsie works as a maidservant at a home of a textile manufacturer in Wädenswil in the 1870s.

The daughter of the house discovers Elsie’s musical giftedness and asks her father to allow Elsie to study music in Florence. Instead of helping the maid, he abuses her sexually. Soon after, pregnant by her tormentor, Elsie is married to Jakob, a horse servant, and deported to a paltry lease in Finstersee.

Jacob dreams of owning a horse, of social advancement via hard work and rigid saving.

When Elsie falls in love with a yenish musician, who promises to elope with her to Florence, Jacob learns about their plan and the yenish clan is murdered by a horde of villagers.

Elsie, pregnant by her yenish lover, witnesses the massacre and lapses, after an unsuccessful suicide attempt with yew berries, into a deep depression. This forces the fmilkman’s child, which he baptizes Söpheli, he cossets and nurses Elsie in his clumsy way henceforth with great dedication.

Genre Drama | Screenplay Urs Bühler | Direction TBA | Producers Anita Wasser, Michael Steiger | Co-Producer Dor Film Wien/Vienna | Distribution Ascot Elite Film

POSTRAUB (engl. Mail robbery) by Dani Levy

Development of a feature film | A film based on a true story

September 1997: A group of young second-generation immigrants plans to attack the Fraumünster post office in Zurich. To the surprise of the entire group the coup succeeds.

More than 70 million Swiss francs are ready to be collected; however, the getaway car is too small and the thieves “only“ take 53 millions.

But what is there to do with all the money? After all, they have no plan… The criminals flee in all directions: to Italy, Germany, Lebanon and southern Spain. However, they will not get away with it. The police has taken after the thieves and eventually locks them all up.
To this day, around 26 million Swiss francs still remain unfound.

The world still wonders about the daredevil feat in the supposedly safest place on earth. The determination is hard and thrilling police work, at which end the laughter has changed sides.

Genre Drama, based on a true story | Screenplay Dani Levy und TBA | Production Hans Syz, Michael Steiger, Anita Wasser

Cast Walt Disney Studios (Switzerland LTD)